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To understand the value of owning a Funky Cow Cafe franchise, first understand its history.

The Funky Cow is an innovative, original, and authentic café which has its roots in Grandma Lola’s kitchen. As a kid, Ricky Alverio could often be found by his abuela’s side, learning the finer points of cooking great meals from scratch. Her family-favorites, roasted pork and beef fricassee, with her secret combination of love and spices, were just the beginning!

Combining Grandma Lola’s recipes with Ricky’s brilliant ideas resulted in original recipes made with the freshest ingredients and homemade sauces that create a sweet and savory experience like you’ve never tasted before.

The opening of Funky Cow flagship cafe in 2016, at the corner of Bellevue and Central Avenue in Hammonton, New Jersey, was met with stellar reviews and the enthusiasm has not stopped since, with customers traveling hours just to satisfy their cravings for Lola’s Cuban Waffle Sandwich and many other Funky Cow favorites.

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